Shark attacks in Hawaii

In my personal dealings with sharks around Oahu, Hawaii I must say that they mainly are not out to get anyone. Ive come across white tips, Tiger, Unidentified shark as well.

Most of my learning period I dove solo with bright yellow split fins, and I even used a bright yellow rashgaurd in areas where the sharks live and hunt and had zero attacks or even interest.

This was in no way meant to attract sharks, but more on my lack of knowledge of sharks and using hand me down gear and or thrift store bought gear.

That's my story, but we want to use scientific data to make choices to what we do in the water and it seems that yellow is the color to avoid. 

Now I must say I use blue camo (the least likely color to be attacked) and even want to avoid using black nowadays.

Please take a look at this video from Mythbusters
You'll find a compilation of shark attack incidents by year, click the year to see the circumstances, type of shark, conditions