Choosing a Speargun

Choosing a speargun

When your finished borrowing a speargun when your out diving and you decide to purchase your own, keep in mind these factors:
  • What is my goal to owning a speargun?
  • Have I been properly trained to use a speargun safely and in a timely fashion?
  • Do I know the proper care of a speargun to avoid corrosion and mishandling?
Once you have considered the following please purchase a cheaper valued speargun that you can use for a year or so, then once you decide to take it to the next level purchase a higher quality piece and by doing so you will see how much you will progress.

Don't take the leap and purchase a bluewater speargun right away or something that is going to get put into the closest and sold at a loss.

Below I have lined up some of the known and not so known names in speargun manufacturing, some of them I would consider more crafters than manufacturers due to the beauty and art put into the particular speargun.

Each picture clicked will take you to a little history on each company and a logo link to the company website.
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