Essential Diving Resources

 Tiger Shark Tracking around the Hawaiian Islands, notice some are actually inter-island, also check out how close the tiger shark gets to the Haleiwa harbor wall:

Another Shark tracking institution: 

And another:

And... another, but for your phone, its a community based shark reporting app for your phone

For live cameras on beaches around the island, check out this website, it is great for checking out diving spots before you drive all the way to see the current isnt good, wind is too much, or the water clarity:

No one wants to dive in sewage, its very common here in Hawaii sadly, so please check befor eyou get in the ocean, there might have been some sort of sewage leak and the next thing you know you have a staph infection: 

Here is why I don't dive in Kaneohe Bay, to keep my family and customers safe, no matter there are choke fish :

Hands down the best dive shop on Oahu: 

Finest Spearguns (I own the roller): 

Hawaii Fishing Regulations: 

Hawaii fishing records:

Hawaii shark attack incident list:

Wind report: